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Word galaxy
2) energy
Fill in the blanks:
1.  Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. So they are also called energy giving foods.
2.  People who do a lot of physical work needs a lot of carbohydrates to get energy.
3.  Fibers are rough coarse elements which help during the movement of food in our intestine.
4.    Proteins are needed by our body to stay healthy, to grow, and to repair the body.  They are also called as growing and repairing food .
5.  Fats protect the human body from cold and injuries.
6.  Excessive consumption of fat can lead to diseases
Give examples:
·       Wheat products – chappatis, spaghetti, porridge, biscuits, etc
·       Rice based items – noodles, puffed rice, flat rice, etc
·       Others--Barley, rye, oat, maize, millets, nuts, -
·       Vegetables and fruits like – beans, carrots, potatoes, Bananas.

Fibers -Cereals, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc
Protein -egg, milk, curd, cheese, animal meat, pulses such as beans, gram, moong, etc
Fat-Oil, butter, samosa, bhajiya, gulab jamun, eggs, meat, milk, nuts, ghee and all  fried food.

·      During summer and spring time, some animals eat more food than usual.
·      The extra food energy gets stored as fat under the skin. This fat helps to keep the animal warm.
·      Their bodies live on their body fat as they ‘sleep’ through winter.
·      The animal use up the body fat it has stored.
·      Eg. - Bears, frogs, bats, mice, snakes, squirrels, snails.
Balance diet:-
A diet that contains all the essential nutrients such as protein ,fats and minerals , fibre and water in sufficient amount are called  as balance diet.
Q1.How our body is a wonderful machine?
 ANS . Like other machines our body runs on the fuel which we get from the food we eat. If it doesn't get the right kind of food then it will not function properly.

 Q.2.Why do children require more amounts of proteins than adults?
Ans: As it is their growing age children require more amounts of proteins than adults.
Q.3. Consuming foods rich in nutrients are good  rather than  consuming  artificially made  nutrient-rich tablets.  Why?
Ans : Consuming foods rich in nutrients are good, as they are natural. Medicines might have side effects.
Q.4.Why people in very cold regions have red meat?
Ans : The fat that they get from red meat helps to maintain the warmth in the body.
Q.5. What happens when we eat too much of fatty foods?”
Ans: We become fat, lazy, develop ailments, etc.
Q.6.Why  do we get tired? Name some activities that tire you.
Ans: Lose of energy makes us tire.
Eg: walking , running, climbing ,swimming etc.
Q.7. What do we do in order to regain that lost energy?
Ans: We eat food, drink water and take rest  to get energy.
Q.8.How we can not fall sick even after getting wet in the rains?
ANS.-If we eat home-made  and healthy food then only we can stay fit.
Give reasons
(1) ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’Explain the statement.
Ans. Eating breakfast provides us with important nutrients and keeps us away from getting morning stomach aches. It also helps to control the urge to snack at odd times or eat a heavy lunch.
(2) How important is exercise for our body to maintain good health? Give your reasons.
Ans. We should engage in physical activity for a minimum of 30-45 minutes each day. Regular physical activity helps burn calories, helps with weight control and helps to prevent certain diseases. Children should enjoy different types of physical activity at home and at school

Extra Practice Sheet- E.V.S.

Podar International School
Std. III                                E.V.S. Practice Sheet            Date:
Q. I. Answer the questions:
(1) Name the four cardinal and intermediate directions.

(2) Define the scale used in drawing of maps.

(3) Explain the difference between a sketch, a plan and a map.

(4) Explain the difference between a globe and a map.

(5) Name the natural objects that the following colour depicts on the map.
Blue - _______________
Green - _______________
          Brown - _______________

(6) What is a sketch?

(7) What is a map?

(8) What is an atlas?

(9) What are the essential features of map?

Q-II.  Fill in the blanks :-
1.    A book of maps is called an _____

2.    A _______ is a mini replica of the Earth.

3.    A ______is a _______ to explain the way to a particular place.

4.    A _____ is a flat drawing of the Earth, either whole or a part of it.

5.    _______ help us in locating the smallest place on the map.

6.    A _______ tells us the ratio of actual distance between places on the Earth and that shown in the map.

Q. III. Draw a cardinal and intermediate directions which are used in a map.

English Notes-Bravehearts from Azamgarh

The Braveheart from Azamgarh (Part I)

Copy the word galaxy from the Text book page no.26

Extra Word Meanings:
7.boarded: got  into  (a  ship,  aircraft  or  other vehicle)
8. utter: complete, absolute
9. role  model: a  person  looked by others  as an example to be imitated
10.heroic: admirably brave or determined

Q.I Say  whether  the  following  statements  are  true  or false:
1.  Om  Prakash  Yadav  was  a nine  years  old  boy.

2.  Om  Prakash  saved  all  the  children  in  the  van that caught fire.

3.  Om Prakash became a role model to everyone.

Q. II. Complete the following sentences:
1. There  was  a  short  circuit  in  the  gas  kit  of  the school van so it caught fire.

2. Flames  had  spread  to Om  Prakash’s  arms,ears and face while saving the children from the burning van.

3. Om  Prakash’s  selfless  act  of bravery  gave  his father the  opportunity to  visit  Delhi  so his father was proud of him.
Q. III. Answer the questions:
a) . How many children were in the school van with Om Prakash?
Ans. Eight

b) Why did the school van catch fire?
Ans.  Due to a short circuit in the gas kit

c) Which award was given to Om Prakash for his brave act?
Ans. Sanjay Chopra Bravery Award

d) Who was Om Prakash?
Ans. Om Prakash was a ten year old boy from Azamgarh village in Uttar Pradesh.

e) Where was he going?
Ans. He was going to school.

f) What  happened  on  the  way?
Ans. His  school  van caught fire on the way to school.

g) What did the driver do?
Ans.  The driver opened the door and fled to save his life.

h) What did Om Prakash do?
Ans. Om Prakash broke open  the  door  and  started  pulling  the  other children from the van, putting his own life in danger.

i) Why  was  Om  Prakash’s  father  proud  of  him?
Ans. Om  Prakash’s  father  was  proud  of  him because of  his selfless  act  and  bravery he got the opportunity to visit Delhi.

j) Why  did  Om  Prakash  save  the  other  children when he could have just run away from the van like  the  driver?
Ans. Om  Prakash  could  not  runaway from the van like the driver because he was a brave and selfless child.

k) Why do  you  think the  driver  ran away?
Ans. The driver ran away from the van because he was a coward and a selfish man.

l) Who is the hero of the story?
Ans. Om Prakash , is the hero of the story.

m)How was Om Prakash rewarded for his act of bravery?
Ans.  Om Prakash was awarded the Sanjay Chopra Bravery Award from the then Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 26th January 2012 in New Delhi.

n) Why has om Prakash become a role model for his friends and other villagers?
Ans.  Om Prakash acted selflessly to save the children in the van without caring for his own life. His face and arms were burnt in the rescue yet he says he will do it again if the need arises.

वीर तुम बढ़े चलो

वीर तुम बढ़े चलो

   कठिन शब्द            अर्थ

 १ . ध्वजा               झंडा
 २ . वीर               बहादुर
 ३ . प्रण               प्रतिज्ञा
 ४ . वारि               पानी
 ५ . धीरज             हिम्मत
 ६ . प्रात:            सुबह , सवेरा , भोर
 ७ . यतन            कोशिश , प्रयत्न
 ८ . डटो             खड़ रहो


१)            कवि ने किनका दल सजाने के लिए कहा है ?
उत्तर- कवि ने बालकों का दल सजाने के लिए कहा है।

) कविता में किसके दहाड़ने की बात की गई है ?
उत्तर- कविता में सिंह के दहाड़ने की बात की गई है।

३)  कवि ने कब निडर होकर डटने की बात की है ?
उत्तर- कवि ने, जब हमारे सामने पहाड़ जैसा संकट हो और सिंह जैसे ताकतवर जानवर हो तब हमें निडर होकर डटने की बात की है।

४) भूमि में क्या-क्या भरा है ?
उत्तर- भूमि में अन्न,जल,रत्न भरे है जिन्हें प्रयत्नों के द्वारा निकाला जा सकता है।

५) अशोक चक्र में कितनी तीलियाँ है ?
उत्तर- अशोक चक्र में चौबीस तीलियाँ है।

रिक्त स्थानों की पुर्ति कीजिए ।
१)                         हमारे ध्वज में तीन रंग हैं। (तीन, आठ)
२)                        इस कविता में दल बच्चों का हैं। (बुज़ुर्गों, बच्चों)
३)                        सामने पहाड़ हो, सिंह की दहाड़ हो।( ज़ोर की,सिंह की)
४)                        वीर तुम बढ़े चलो कविता के कवि द्वारिका प्रसाद माहेश्र्वरी है। (महादेवी बर्मा ,द्वारिका प्रसाद माहेश्र्वरी )
५)                        रत्न पाने के लिए हमें प्रयत्न करना पड़ता है ।
( आलस, प्रयत्न )