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Best friends

                                        BEST  FRIEND
1.Name some natural enemies?
    Ans. Mongoose – snakes, owl – mouse,  owl – crow,  cat– mouse,  dog – cat, etc
2.   Why it was believed that a dog and an elephant could never be friends?
Ans. Elephants did not like dogs and the dogs were too afraid of elephants.
3.Who is a bull elephant?
Ans .   An adult male elephant.
4.Where did the stray dog live?
   Ans. In the   neighbourhood of the elephant shed.
5.What attracted the stray dog?
 Ans. The smell of the sweet rice being fed to the royal     elephant.

6.Why did the dog begin sneaking into the elephant’s shed?
Ans.To eat the rice that fell from  the elephant’s mouth.
7.How did the elephant and the dog spend time together?
And. They became best friends, they ate together, and the dog sat on the elephant’s trunk and the elephant swung the dog  up and down and from side to side, they were soon inseparable.
8.Who wanted to make extra money and how?
Ans. The mahout wanted to make extra money by selling the dog.
9. Why was the elephant sad?
Ans. His friend, the dog had been separated from him.
10. Why was the mahout worried about the elephant? Ans. The elephant refused to eat, drink or bathe.
11.What idea did the minister give to the king?
Ans. The minister told  the king to make an official announcement that whoever was found with the dog would be heavily fined.
12. What happened after the official announcement? Ans. The person released the dog immediately.
13. What did the dog do after getting released from the man?
Ans. The dog came running back to his best friend, the Royal elephant.
14.What did the elephant do after seeing the dog?

Ans. He picked him up with his trunk and made him sit on top of his head.


·      Word galaxy:-

·    Question- answer:-
Q.1 How did the first chick wish?
Ans:-The first chick wished with a queer little squirm.
Q.2 What were the three chicks wishes? 
Ans:- The first chick wished for a fat little worm.
        The second chick wished for some nice yellow meal.   
        The third little chick wished for a little green leaf.
Q.3:- Why do you think the third little chick gave a sigh of grief?
ANS:-The third little chick wished to have a fresh green leaf. It was possible to get the green leaf directly from the plant only. The little chick would have to work hard for this.
Q.4: What did their mother advise them to do?
ANS:-Their mother advised them to scratch the garden patch if they wanted their breakfast.
Q.5:- Why did their mother tell them to scratch the garden patch?
ANS:-Their mother told them to scratch the garden patch so they can get their desired food.
Q.6:- What do you learn from the poem?
ANS:- We learn that we have to work hard to make our wishes come true.
·     Fill in the blanks:-
 1) The first little chick wished it could find a fat little worm.
2) The first little chick said with a queer little squirm.
3) The second little chick said with a sharp little squeal.
4) The third little chick wished it could find a little green leaf.

5) The third little chick said with a small sigh of grief.

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India Political
Q1)Fill in the blanks.
1. India is the seventh largest country in the world.
2. India is located in the southern part of Asia.
3. India has 29 states and 7 Union Territories.
4. Delhi is the capital of India.
5. Srilanka is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea.
6. India is called a peninsular country because it is surrounded by water on three sides.
7. Rajasthan is the largest state and Goa is the smallest state in term of size.

Q2)Answer in brief.
1. Name the neighbouring countries of India.
Ans. Nepal, China, Bhutan in North.
Pakistan, Afghanistan in north-west.
Bangladesh, Myanmar in East.

2. Explain the peninsular part of India.
Ans. The Peninsular part of India has Bay of Bengal to its East and   Indian Ocean to the south and the Arabian Sea in the west.

3. Write names of five small states and five large states of India in term of area.

Ans. Smallest states—Goa, Sikkim, Tripura, Nagaland, and Mizoram.

       Largest states—Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir.

4. How Srilanka is separated from India?

Ans.   Srilanka is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea, formed by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of  Mannar.

5. Name the states which shares boundaries with Bhutan.

Ans. Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh shares boundaries with Bhutan.
6. Palk Strait Separates India from which country?
Ans. Palk Strait separates India from Srilanka.

7. Which group of islands lies in the south-east of India?
Ans Andaman and Nicobar  islands lies in the south-east of India.

8. Which groups of island lies in the south-western part of India?
Ans. Lakshawdeep island lies in the south-western part of India.
9.If Someone wants to visit India from other country, then how he will come to India.

Ans. He can come by roadways, airways or waterways.

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