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EVS-Movement of the Earth

I . Fill in the blanks
1. There are two types of movements of the Earth rotation and revolution.
2 .Day and night occur due to rotation.
3. Revolution gives rise to season  change.
4. The Earth rotates from west to east on its own axis.
5. The moon takes about 27 days to complete one revolution around the earth.
6. Earth takes 365 and 1/4days to complete one revolution.
7. We celebrate Uttrayan day or Makar Sankranti on 14 January.  
8. Seasons in India are termed as Ritu’ in Hindi language.
9. Different planets take different time to complete one rotation
1. Axis :-Ans. The imaginary line that passes through the centre of all spinning objects is called   the axis.
 2.  Rotation :-Ans . The spinning movement of the Earth around itself is known as    rotation. Rotation of the Earth causes day and night3.3.  
3.Solar  Day:-
Ans.The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate around itself. This duration is called a Solar Day.
4. Day time and night time:-
Ans.From sunrise to sunset it is the day time and from sunset to next sunrise it is night time.

5.  Orbit:-Ans. The earth moves around the Sun on a fixed elliptical path called the orbit.
6.  Revolution:-
Ans. The Earth moves around the sun on  its own  orbit. This movement is called Revolution.
· Revolution causes season change.
7.  Annual motion:-Ans. The motion of the earth around the Sun is known as the Annual motion.
8 Solar Year:-Ans. The Earth takes 365and 1/4days to revolve around the Sun. This is known as a year. Since the year is measured around the movement of the Sun. It is also called a Solar year.
9.   Leap year:-
Ans. Every fourth year we have an extra day which is added in the month of February. Then that  year becomes a Leap year. A Leap year has 366  days.
Q.1. How many weeks are there in a year?
Ans. There are 52 weeks in a year.
Q.2. How many seasons are there in India?
Ans. There are mainly  four seasons . Spring,  Summer, Autumn and Winter. With reference
to India we have a Monsoon season.
Q.3 :- Names of the seasons  in Hindi:-

Q.4. What is Prahar? How many Prahars are there in one day?
Ans. Prahar or Prahara is a Sanskrit term for a unit of time.
The day is divided into eight prahar (three hours each) four Praharas for the day and four for the night.
 Q.5. .What will happen if there will be no rotation?
Ans.Life will not exist if there will be no rotation because,half of the Earth will get sunrays all the time and another half will never have the sunrays.So it  will become difficult for the living beings to survive.

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Hindi : Diwali HW


                                             SUB-MATH      DIVISION             HOLIDAY HOME -WORK

Q. 1  Fill in the blanks
a)   19 ÷ 3 = ____ R___
b)   ______ ÷ 1 = 8
c)   253 ÷ _____ = 0
d)   48 ÷ 6 = ____
e)   9 × 6 = 54 is the same as ____÷ 6 = 9
Q. 2  Find the quotient and the remainder
a.    69 ÷ 3              b.    72 ÷ 8                   c.    42 ÷ 7                     d.    29 ÷ 4
Q.3  Divide  and check your answers:
a.    456 ÷3   b.    451 ÷2  c.    804 ÷ 5             d.    335 ÷ 4
Q4.Answer the following:
1)6 ladoos are packed in1 packet. How many packets are needed to pack 24 ladoos?
2)5 boys shared 200 stamps equally. How many stamps does each get?
Q5.Answer the following with Yes or No:
1)If a number is divided by 9 it can have 7 as a remainder.
2)If a number is divided by 2 it can have 3 as a remainder
3)If a number is divided by 5 it can have 5 as a remainder

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ITKT(Computer) - Cycle Test 3
Chapter  – 4 Fun With Comic Strip Creator
Q-1. Fill in the blanks:-
1)   1. A comic strip is a series of drawings that are black and white or coloured.
2)   2.  It relates a comic incident, mystery story or an adventure often arranged, typically having dialogue printed.
3)   3. As a horizontal strip in newspaper, magazines comic book etc.
4)   4. Comic strips are created using a pen and paper.
5)   5. There are also many software and online tools that helps to design attractive comic strips or books.
6)   6.  Every browser has an address bar that is used to type the address of the website.
7)   7. Comic strip website address is 

Q-2. Guide lines for comic strip/Tips for writing a comic strip
1.    Ans – Steps are :     1. Think of a funny and humorous idea.
2.                                   2. Work out the story.
3.                                   3. Visualize the characters and draw them.
4.                                   4. Visualize the background and draw them.
5.                                   5. Add dialogues, thoughts explanation using bubbles.

Q-3. Write how to create a comic strip step by step?
Ans - Steps to design a comic strip using computer:
Step – 1 open a web browser
Step – 2 type the web address on the address bar of the browser
Step – 3 give a name to the comic strip- picture name
Step – 4 explore the characters given in the link people, props, alien, animals and click on the characters of your
choice. The characters will appear on the main panel. Drag the character where you want to place.
Step – 5 click on any background to add the background to the comic
Step – 6 click on any bubble and type in the box below the main panel and click on submit. The dialogue or thought
will appear in the bubble.
Step- 7 after completion, click on finish.
Step - 8 a web address will appear. Click on the web address to see the comic strip.

Q- 4. What is Comic Strip?
Ans - A series of drawings that are black and white or coloured and relate a comic incident, mystery story or an adventure often arranged, typically having dialogue printed as a horizontal strip in newspaper, magazines, comics book etc. is called a comic strip.

Q- 5.How can we create Comic strip?
Ans - Comic strips are created using a pen and paper. Many software and online tools are available that helps to design attractive comic strips or books.

Q- 6. What is Browser?
Ans – It is a Computer program (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) that enables internet users to access, navigate, and search World Wide Web. Every browser has an address bar that is used to type the address of the website. Some examples of website address are, 

Chapter- 5 – Word Processing in Microsoft word
·         Q-1. Fill in the blanks
1)      1. Microsoft word is text editing software developed by Microsoft.
2)      2. Microsoft word 2007 is a version available on market in 2007
3)      3. Version is much improved compared with previous Microsoft Word 2003
4)      4. A word processor is used to create text with a different style.
5)      5. The word processor has an ability to make the text different add colour and many other features.
6)      6. Colour makes the text look attractive.
7)      7. Always choose the colour which is gentle to the eyes.
8)      8. Bold, italic, and underline are used to highlight any word or sentence. It should not be used often.
9)      9. Do not mix different font type in one sentence.
1       10. Always choose a font which is clear and easy to read.
1       11. Larger font size is used to catch the attention of the users. It is generally used for headings.

·         Question & Answers            
1)  Define : 1. Word processing - word processing is the ability to create text and format it so that it appears good looking, using
                                                  different fonts, fancy characters, formatted paragraphs etc.
                      2. Microsoft Word - Microsoft word is a computer application used to perform word processing for a document open in a
Microsoft windows computer.

2) How to start MSWord?  
Ans - Start  -  All programs  -  Microsoft office  -  Microsoft office  word 2007

3) How to create a new document
Ans -        Step-1-  click the office button.
Step -2 – click the new option. The new document dialog box appears.
Step 3 – click the blank document option from the blank and recent section and click on create button.

4) How to insert text in Microsoft word document?
Ans – To add the text in a MSWord, type the text
Step – 1- place the cursor where you want to add the text.
Step- 2- Start typing.

 5) How to change the look and appearance of the text?
Ans - The font of the text is similar to having handwriting. As there are different handwritings similarly there are different fonts which can be used to write text.

 6) How to change the font size?
 Ans - Font size to increase or decrease the size of the text.
Step 1- selects the text.
Step 2 – click the arrow next to the font size and choose the appropriate size.
   Larger font size is used to catch the attention of the users. It is generally used for headings.

7) How to change the font type?
Ans - To write the text in different handwriting.
Step 1 – select the text.
Step 2 – click the arrow next to the font name and choose a font.
Do not mix different font type in one sentence. Always choose a font which is clear and easy to read.

8)  How to change the Font styles?
Ans - To emphasize or highlight the text, use bold, italic and underline. To add these to the text.
Step – 1 select the text and click the font styles included in the font group of the ribbon.
Step -  2 click on B/I/U as per your choice.
Bold, italic, and underline are used to highlight any word or sentence. It should not be used often.

9) How to change the Font colour ?
Ans - To change the colour of the text.
Step – 1 select the text and click the colour button included in the font group of the ribbon.
Step 2- select the colour by clicking the down arrow next to the font colour button.
Colour makes the text look attractive . always choose the coiour which is gentle to the eyes.

10) How to save the file?
Ans - To save the work completed.
Step-1 click on office button.
Step – 2 select save option.
Step -3 name the file and click on save.
To ensure that the changes are recorded, it is essential to save a file.

11) Describe the various tabs in the format menu bar
Ans - :      FORMAT FONT
•                    Home->Font
1.  Font color :   It changes the color of the text  to emphasis’ the  Headings, subheadings and other text.

2.  Highlighting the text :* It highlights the text in the word document with different colors.
                                                * It is used to mark the important facts in the text.
3.  Applying Borders  :    * It applies border and shading effects to the text.
                                                * It helps to change the style, color and width of the border.
                                                * Border can be applied to the complete  page, a paragraph or a selected text.
                                                * None option removes any applied borders.
4. Font Style  :  Normal text is the default style of document
1.                 Bold :      * It prints the text darker than the normal text. 
* It is used for titles and headings.          
* Shortcut key   -   Ctrl + B

2.                  Italics :   * It gives the text a slant and emphasizes it.
                        * It is used in headings sometimes.
                        * Shortcut key – Ctrl + I

3.                 Underline :      * It is used to emphasis’ the text.
* Its design and color can be changed by selecting the required option in the underline drop  down list .
                                        * Shortcut  key – Ctrl + U 

·                     Q-12:- Label the parts of Ms word window.

Note :- 
for better exam preparation also refer textbook and work book along with this material.

Cycle Test - 3 - Computer Syllabus
Chapter -4 Fun With Comic Strip Creator
Chapter - 5  Word Processing in Microsoft word