Thursday, March 9, 2017

E.V.S.Practice Sheet

                                 Podar International School
Std. III                      Extra Practice Sheet
Name:                          E.V.S                       Date:
I.                 Read the below given passage and answer the questions.
Sunny shared his dream with his friends.
Sunny was very excited to go to school.
Time waits for no man.
Sunny saw that men lived in caves.
Sunny witnessed the event of India’s Independence.
a.  Are the events written in correct chronological order?
b.  Arrange the events in chronological order.

II.              Distinguish between AD and BC.

III.          *Parts of timeline
BC  -
AD  -
IV.         New terms to represent timeline
CE –
V.             Draw the Timeline
(0, 25BC, 15AD, 20BC, 20AD, 30BC, 30AD)

Monday, March 6, 2017

EVS-Beginning Of Time

The Beginning of time

Word galaxy
4)Indus valley civilization
*Name the following:-
1)Very old societies that developed on the banks of river Indus   - Indus valley civilization
2)People typically older than a grandparents -   Ancestors
3)The systematic record of significant events of history   -  Timeline
4)Any event taken place in the past  - History
5)People who gather information & study about the past  - Historians

Q1. Answer the following question:-
Q1-What does the term Caveman means?
A-Thousands of years ago when man was a monkey, lived in caves. He wore clothes made from leaves and barks of trees,ate animal meat and fruits.
Q2-How is timeline useful?
A-A timeline is an easy way to remember events  happened in past. It makes a complete picture of our history.
Q3-What are important events called?
A-The important events are called Milestones.
Q4-How the birth of Jesus Christ is marked on timeline?
A-The birth of Jesus Christ is marked as the year 0 on timeline.
*Parts of timeline
BC  -Before Christ
AD  -Anno Domini
*New terms to represent timeline
CE – Christian or Common Era
BCE – Before Christian or Common Era
*Draw the Timeline
(0, 5BC, 5AD, 10BC, 10AD, 15BC, 15BC)

math practice sheet for cycle test 4


Sunday, March 5, 2017

E.V.S. Practice Sheet

                                  Podar International School
Std. III                   Extra Practice Sheet
Name:                          E.V.S                       Date:

I. State true or false:
a.  Delhi is warm and humid.
b.   Mumbai is built on a group of seven islands.
c.  Marina Beach is situated in Kolkata.

II. Choose the correct option:
 a) The first city to have metro in India was _________. (Kolkata/Delhi)
b.  Kapaleeswarar is one of the oldest temples in _________. (Chennai/Mumbai)
c.  Amar Jawan jyoti is a memorial built in honour of _______. (Jawaharlal Nehru/Soldiers)
d.  In Chennai young girls wear________. (sari/pavadai)
III. Compare the climate of the four metros.

IV. How does the urban landscape affect the environment of the cities?

V. Which are the two types of natural resources?

VI.   Name the three natural resources used by a plant to make its own food (photosynthesis).

VII.  List few non renewable natural resources.

VIII. Why conservation of natural resources is important?