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Metro Cities of India
New Words:
4.Zoological park
6. Metropolis
7. Acquainted
9. Moderate
10.                 Extreme
11.                Commuting
12.                Delicacies
13.                 Staple
14.                Harvest

Q. I. Answer the following questions:
1. How many metro cities are there in India?
 A. There are four metro cities in India.
2. Name the national capital of India.
A. New Delhi
3. Name the four metro cities in India.
A. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai
4. Define a metro city.
A. The Census Commission defines a Metro City as one which has more than 40 lakh of population.
5. What  causes  water  logging  in  Mumbai?
 A. Heavy  rains  causes  water  logging  in
6.  What type of climate does Delhi experiences?
A. Delhi experiences extreme climate. It is
very hot in summers and very cold in winters.
7. What type of climate does Kolkata experience?
A. Kolkata experience moderate type of
8.  How are the summers in Mumbai?
A. Summer’s in Mumbai are warm and humid.
9. When  does  the  climate  in  Delhi  becomes  pleasant?
A. The  climate  in  Delhi  becomes pleasant in the monsoon months of July to September.

10. Name the fastest mode of public transport in Mumbai.
Ans: Local trains are one of the fastest
mode of public transport in Mumbai.
11. Which city has the largest organized bus transport network?
Ans:Mumbai has the largest organized bus transport network.
12. What is the name of the international airport in Kolkata?
A. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
international airport.
13.Why are BEST buses considered good for commuting?
Ans: BEST buses are considered good for commuting as they join each and every corner of Mumbai.
14.Which public transport is considered less time consuming in Mumbai?
Ans:Local trains are considered less time consuming mode of public transport in Mumbai.
15.What  makes  Maharashtra  a perfect  travel  destination?
Ans:Caves,  forts,  beaches, temples,  National  Parks,  various  adventure  activities  make  Maharashtra  a  perfect  travel destination.
16. Name the financial capital of India.
17. What makes Mumbai a must travel destination for people around the world?
Ans: Mumbai has a cosmopolitan culture which makes it a must travel destination for people around the  world.
18. Name any two beaches in Mumbai.
Ans:Versova, Chowpatty and Juhu
19. Name the two oldest temples in Chennai.  A.Kapaleeswarar  Temple and Parthasarthy
20. Which city in India has trams as public transport?
21. Name a famous bridge of Kolkata.
A. Howrah Bridge
22. Name any two buildings in Kolkata.
Ans: Writers Building, High Court, General Post Office and Victoria Memorial
23. Where does the President of India lives? Ans:The President of India lives in the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
24. Why does the Amar Jawan Jyoti burn all the times?
Ans:The Amar Jawan Jyoti burn all the
time in the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their life in defending India.
25. Name any two places in Delhi that are of historic importance.
Ans: Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jantar Mantar, Lodi Garden and Humayun’s Tomb
26. Name any two Maharastrian delicacies
Ans: Srikhand, thalipeeth, batata wada and varan Bhat.

Fill in the blanks:
1.Bengali is  the language spoken in Kolkata.
2.Indira Gandhi International Airport is
 the international airport of Delhi.
3.Aurangabad is  the tourism capital of Maharashtra.
4.   Chennai experiences rainfall in the
months of October and December.
5.Fish with rice is the staple food of people in Kolkata.
6.Marina Beach is  the longest urban beach in the country.
7.Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Mumbai during the months of August or September.
8.Pongal is one of the most important festival celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu.
9.Marathi is  the language spoken in Mumbai.
10.    Sandesh and Rasgulla are the two famous sweets from Kolkata.

* State true or false:
a.    Delhi is warm and humid.
   b. Mumbai is built on a group of seven islands. True
c. Marina Beach is situated in Kolkata.
Ans.  False
d. Pongal is celebrated in the month of March.
Ans. False
e. Kesri is the popular sweet in Chennai.
Ans. True
f. Delhi is the first city to have metro in India.  Ans. False
g. Carnatic music is the traditional music of Tamil Nadu.
Ans. True
h. Kathak is the  classical dance of Tamil Nadu.
Ans. False
*Choose the correct option:
a.    The first city to have metro in India was
 ____________. (Kolkata/Delhi)
b. Kapaleeswarar is one of the oldest temples in ___________. (Chennai/Mumbai)
c. Amar Jawan jyoti is a memorial built in honour of _________. (Jawaharlal Nehru/Soldiers)
d. In Chennai young girls wear___________. (sari/pavadai)
Ans. a) Kolkata, b) Chennai, c) Soldiers, d) pavadai

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English Notes-The Golden Plate


1.accessories- articles such as gloves or earrings that complete one’s basic outfit
2. ambitious: - having strong desire and determination
3. Deceive:- mislead
4. play by rules- deal fairly and honestly with people
5. reluctantly- with hesitation
Soot- the black powder left after the burning of coal
6.  Agreement—accord
7. Bracelet - bangle, watchband.
8. Thrill-  shiver , quiver.
9. Expensive - costly
1.Where did the two ambitious salesmen live ?
A.                         The two ambitious salesmen lived in a beautiful place called Seri.
Q 2. Why were the two salesmen not able to make enough money?
A.                       The two salesmen were not able to make enough money because they were  selling similar items in the same village.
3.            After the two salesman agreed to divide the village , what was their daily work routine?
A. The two salesmen decided to go to the different part of the village every morning.
      They would go from one house to the other in search of good customers. Later they would exchange areas to earn extra money.
4.            In what items did the salesman were dealing ?
A.                       The two salesman were dealing in utensils and beautiful accessories.

5.            Why did the first salesman not sell anything to the old lady on the first day?
A.                       The first salesman did not sell anything to the old lady on the first day because he  thought he would return the next day and would exchange the golden plate for
something which would cost less than the bracelet.

6.            The second salesman did not deceive the grandmother. Why ?
A.                       The second salesman did not deceive the grandmother because he was honest.

7.            Why did the second salesman keep only the eight coins and the weighing scale with him?
A.                       The second salesman kept the weighing scales to hide the golden plate and the
eight coins to pay the ferry man to take him across the river.

English Notes-The Little Doll

Answer the following questions.

(a) Describe the poet’s doll?
Ans: The poet’s doll had beautiful curly hair and red and white cheeks. The poet regarded the doll as the prettiest doll in the world.

(b) How did the poet lose the doll?
Ans: The poet lost the doll when he was playing in the heath one day.

(c) How do you know that the poet was sad when the doll was lost?
Ans: The poet was very sad when he lost the doll in the heath. He searched very hard for it but he could not find it. He cried for more than a week.

(d) Describe the doll after it was found?
Ans: The poet found the doll in the heath. But it no longer looked the same. Its paint was all washed off. It had lost an arm because the cows had trodden on it. The  hair was no longer curly.

(e) Why does the poet still find his doll, “the prettiest doll in the world” ?
Ans: Despite the doll was looking very different after being found again, the poet still believes that his doll is the prettiest doll in the world. For old time’s sake, the poet finds it the prettiest doll in the world.

* Fill in the blanks:
a) The heavy rains __________ the crops and houses. (washed away)

b) The galloping horses had __________ upon the grass. (trampled)

c) In the poem, ‘attractively’ is a synonym for __________. (charmingly)

d) The poet was upset when she lost the doll so she _______ for more than a week. (cried)

e) The poet ________ the doll in the heath. (lost)

f) __________ say that the little doll has changed a lot. (Folks)

g) For ________________, the poet finds the doll the prettiest doll in the world. (old sakes’ sake)

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E.V.S .Practice Sheet

                              Podar International School
Std. III                       Extra Practice Sheet
Name:                          E.V.S                       Date:

Answer the questions:
1)        Name the five oceans of the world.

2)   Explain why Africa is known as the Dark Continent?

3)Why Arctic Ocean is permanently covered with ice?

4)Name the rivers that flow in Asia.

5) Who  Am  I?
a) I am the largest continent.
b) I am known as the ‘Island Continent.’ I separate Europe from Africa.
6) Arrange the seven continents in an ascending order of their size.

7) Write the difference between oceans and seas.

8) Match the following.
1.pacific ocean          a)covers 20% of the earth’s water                                              surface.
2.Indian ocean           b)second largest ocean
3.Atlantic ocean        c)largest and deepest ocean
4.southern ocean      d)smallest and shallowest ocean
5.Arctic ocean             e)the habitat of penguins

Ans-1-        2-            3-            4-             5-

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English Practice Sheet

English Practice Sheet

Name: __________________ Date: _______________

Q.I. Fill in the blanks with ‘has’ or ‘have’:
1) I ___________ one pen and my sister ____________ ten pens.
2) Simon ________ two books, but his brother ________ three books.
3) Cats ________ long tails.
4) You ________ two sisters.
5) Tom ________ one brother and sister.
6) Spiders ________ eight legs.
7) Shiv _________ a new bicycle.
8) This hen __________ red wings.
9) Rahul and Varun ___________ a chocolate each.
10)These elephants __________ short tails.
11) They ______________ got three bags.
12) She ______________ got some sweets.
13) I ____________ ten fingers.
14) Aliya and Alka _______________ many dolls.
15) You ___________ many friends.

Q.II. Choose the correct option:
1) Mother Teresa’s father was a _________________.
(a) businessman (b) teacher (c) social worker

2) Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu became nun at the age of _________________.

(a) fourteen (b) sixteen (c) seventeen

3) Mother Teresa began teaching in _____________________ schools.
(a) government (b) convent (c) public

4) Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in _________________.

Q.III. Spell and write the following words on the given blanks:
1) possessions: __________________ __________________ ___________________
2) missionaries: __________________ __________________ ____________________
3) enormous: _________________ _________________ ________________
4) Catholic: ________________ ________________ __________________
5) abandon: ________________ _________________ _________________

Q.IV. Complete the following sentence:
1) Mother Teresa was keen to visit India because ____________________________
2) Mother Teresa started helping poor, homeless, sick people without money and supplies because she was confident that ________________________________

The balloon Man(English Notes)

Q-1.Word meanings: square - a public market where food
and other materials are sold
2.carts - a vehicle with two or four wheels
pulled by an animal
3.string- very thin rope
4.tug- to pull something suddenly and strongly
Q-2. Answer the following:
1.                       Who comes on market days?
Ans. The balloon man comes on market days.

2.                       Where does the balloon man stand?
Ans. The balloon man stands in the market square.

3What does he hold?
Ans. The balloon man holds different coloured balloons tied with a string.

4.What are the colours of the balloons?
Ans. The colors of the balloons are red, purple, blue  and  green.

5. What happens to the balloons when there is a wind?
Ans. When there is wind the balloons tug and tug like anything.

6.What do the balloons look like in the sky?
Ans. The balloons look pretty in the sky.

7.Why  are the  balloons  seen  even  from  far  away?
Ans. The balloons are seen even from far because they are      very colourful and shiny.
   They are also in bright colours like red, purple, blue and green.

  8.What  does  the  poetess  hope  will  happen  some  day?
  Ans. The poetess hopes that someday the balloon man would let the balloons go. Then the poetess would stand and see them sailing high in the sky.

  9.How high can balloons fly?
Ans. They can sail  too high.
Q-3. Opposites:
1. never x always
2. small x big
3. rainy x sunny
4.  low x high
5. sit x stand
6. near x far

       Q4.Identify the rhyming words in the poem:
       1.days : stays
        2.bunch : lunch : between : away
      5.small : all
      6.string : anything
      7.go : below
      8.high : sky


Q – 1 – How to clean your hardware ?

Ans – Hardware cleaning
        1 . Before starting the cleaning process, close all the                              applications and shut down the computer and switch
            off the power.
       2 . Use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust from all the parts of the
       3 . Spray the cleaner on the cloth and not on the hardware, and             clean it.
       4. Leave the computer to dry for some time.

Q 2 – How to maintenance file?

Ø Keep saving your work.
Ø Use appropriate folders to save your work.
Ø Delete unwanted files from your computer that you have created >
Ø Seek permission before deleting a files.
Ø While taking prints, edit and format the document in such a way that paper and link is not wasted.
Ø Use print preview  before printing.

Q 3 – Write some basic tips to take care of the computer.

·        Use  appropriate steps to shut down the computer.
·       Keep magnets away from your computer and disks. Magnets can erase information.
·       Hold CDs and DVDs from its edge.
·       Remove the CDs and DVDs after a program has been properly closed.
·       Avoid extreme heat or cold near the computer.
·       Keep your computer in a well ventilated area.