Monday, April 23, 2018

Practice Sheet of Nouns-English



1. Jatin rushed up to the _____ of stairs.

2. The _____ of sailors rescued the children who were drowning.


1. A______ of soldiers

2. A______ of cards

3. A______ of policeman

4. A______ of fish

5. A______ of arrows


       1. Mr. Sharma went to New Delhi.

       2. The students visited Akshardham Temple.

       3. The shepherd took his flock of sheep to the pastures.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Practice Sheet of Books-English

Practice sheet


*Answer the following questions:

1. Who will never leave us in the poem books ?

2. What does a book gives us?

3. What will the books never do to you?

4. Where will the books take you?

5. Who is the book compared to ?

Notes of Books-English

Extra word meaning:-

1. thro – informal spelling of through
2. comfort – a state of physical ease and freedom   from pain or constraint
3. hurt – cause pain or injury to
4. Companions- friends
5. Scatter- separate or move apart

* Complete the sentences:
1.    The poet likes books because they are the best companions through life.
2.    Books are unlike those friends who sometimes hurt.
3.    A book is like a door because it takes us to the unseen land.
4.    An open book scatters away the darkness by filling our world with brightness.

* Answer the following question:
1) Identify words from the poem that can be used as a noun and a verb.
Ans: land – star –book –plant
·      Land (noun): We went to the land of dragons.
·      Land (verb): An Alien landed on our planet.
·      Star (noun): Stars twinkle at night.
·      Star ( verb): Hritik stars in the movie Mohen-jo-daro.
2.Why does the poet find books better than toys?
Ans. Books are better than toys because they do not break nor do they grow old or stop working.

3.What happens when you open and read books ?
Ans.  When we open books, they take us to strange and beautiful lands of kings, dragons,stars, planets, people, places, animals,plants etc.

5.  Give rhyming words for the following.
a) book – ___________
b) land – ____________

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Practice Worksheet of Inside the earth (Evs)

Practice Worksheet

QI Answer the following question:-

Q1.What happens to lava when it comes out on the surface of the Earth?


Q2.How deep is the centre of the Earth from its surface?


Q3.Which minerals are found in core?

Q4.Name few landforms formed on the surface of the Earth.

QII Fill in the blanks:

a)Kola peninsula has been penetrated      Km in the crust.

b) As the depth increases           inside the earth increases.

c) Mantle is made up of ______rocks

QIII.Match the following:
         A                                      B
1)Crust                               a) Liquefied /molten Rocks           
2)Mantle                           b)Minerals
3)Core                               c)Solid rocks

Q. Draw the different layers of the Earth.

Evs Notes -Inside the Earth

Inside the Earth

New Words
1.Exterior                          11. Pollution
2. Interior                          12.Lava
3. Rocks
4. Minerals

Question and answers:
1.       1.   What is the exterior of the earth made up of?
Ans The exterior of the earth is made up of mountains, plains, plateaus, valleys, desert etc.

2.        2.  What is the interior of the earth made up of?
Ans. The interior of the Earth is made up of
rocks which are in a liquid or molten state.

3. Name the three layers of the Earth.
Ans. The three layers of the Earth are crust, mantle and core.

4.Name the two types of the core.
Ans. The types of the core are – outer core and inner core.
5.  What is the difference between the outer and the inner core?
Inner core
Outer core
1.          It is in the solid state.
1.          It is in the liquid state.
2.          It consists   of solid rocks
2.          It consists  of liquefied rocks.

  Fill in the blanks.
1.     1. The study of the interior of the earth is known as geology.
2.      2. The deepest drill into the earth is on the Kola peninsula in Arctic Russia.
3.      3. The temperature and pressure inside the earth increases with the depth.
4.      4. The molten state of rock is a thick liquid.
5.     5.  The interior of the earth has excessive heat and high pressure.
6.      6. Our Earth is approximately 6400 km from its centre to the surface.

Give reasons:

1)        The crust floats on mantle.

A)       The crust floats on mantle because the crust is made up of solid rocks and the mantle is made up of liquefied rocks or molten rocks.

2)        The structure of the interior of the Earth can be compared to that of an apple or peach.

A)       The crust of the earth can be compared to  skin  , the mantle to the pulp and core with the seed of the fruit.

       3) The interior of the Earth is in molten  state.

     Ans. The interior of the Earth is in molten state due to excessive heat and pressure inside the Earth.

H.W. Draw the diagram to show the interior layers of the Earth.

A Man named Ashisht (SR-Notes English )

A man named Ashisht (Bad)
·      Extra Word meanings:
1.  Thought- an idea or opinion produced by thinking
2.  Express- convey a thought or feeling in words
3.  Pleasant- giving a sense of happiness
4.  Ashram- a place of religious retreat
5.  Grant- agree to give or allow

·      Answer the following:
1.  Why was Ashisht unhappy?
      Ans: Ashisht was unhappy because the meaning of his                       name “Ashisht” was “bad”.
2.  What did Ashisht’s teacher ask him to do?
Ans: Ashisht’s teacher asked him to go outside the ashram and find a suitable name for himself.
3.  What did the man named Margdarshak want from Ashisht?
Ans The man named Margdarshak wanted Ashisht to guide him to his destination as he had lost his way.
          4.Why did Ashisht finally accept his name as it was?
Ans:  Finally Ashisht accepted his name as he had now understood that a name is merely a word to identify a person where as a person is remembered only by his deeds.
5.Where did the teacher live?
Ans: The teacher lived in Takshila in North Western India.
6.What did the students learn from the teacher?
Ans: The students learned sacred teachings from the teacher.
Complete the following sentences:
1.  Ashisht was not happy with his name so _he wanted to change it .
  2. The man was shouting at Dhani because _she had borrowed money and was not returning it .
3. Margdarshak asked Ashisht for help because he had lost his way.

Practice Sheet of Wicked Barber's Plight(English)

                             The Wicked Barber’s plight

·       What  is  Prefix ?
  A letter or a word placed before a word  and  gives  a  new  meaning  to  the  word.
Example  ‘dis’-
1 dis + agreed = disagreed
2 dis + comfort = _________
3 dis + covered = ____________
4 dis + liked = __________
5. dis + ___________=_____________
6. dis+____________= ______________

* Answer the following questions.
1.What did Birbal build from the burial ground to his home?

·       Differentiate the character of Birbal and the Barber using the following points:
1.   Famous for his wit and wisdom
2.   Favourite minister of Akbar
3.   Cunning or crafty nature
4.   Intelligent and kind
5.   Can do anything for money
6.   Close to the king but not trustworthy
7.   Close to the king but trustworthy
8.   Wise and responsible