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Holiday home work hindi

  1. Read stories "Prayatna Hi Safalta Ka Marg" and "Raja Ke Sir Per Sing" from lahar kahani text book

  2. Read Ch.Bhasha, Harna and Matrayen from Grammar text book


·   Fill in the blanks:-
1. Animals those who eat only plants or product made from plants are called herbivores.
2. Animals those who eat meat or flesh of other animals are called carnivores.
3. Animals those who eat both plants and animals are called omnivores.
4. Herbivores have broad and flat teeth.
5. Carnivores have long and sharp teeth.
6.  Vultures have excellent senses of sight and smell.
·    Give example of the following:-
A) Herbivores—rabbit, deer, sea cow, zebra, etc
B) Carnivores—lion, tiger, owls, eagles, lizard, spider etc.
C) Omnivores—ducks, crows, pigs, bears etc.
D) Scavengers—vultures, crows, beetle, rat.
e) Parasites—roundworms, bedbugs.
·    Write short notes:-
A) Scavengers—A scavenger  is an organism that mostly consumes   refuse or decaying  matter. This is a type of carnivores.
B) Parasites- A parasites is an animal that lives in or on another animal. They completely depend on their host for food and growth.
Q.1.  Why it  is important to eat healthy and nutritious food?
Ans:- It is important to eat healthy and nutritious food because it gives us energy, helps us to grow and protect from diseases
Q.2 Give examples of these nutrients.

1. Carbohydrates – potatoes, rice, wheat, etc
2. Protein – cheese, beans, milk, etc
3. Fats – butter, cheese, dry coconut, chocolate,     etc.

4. Vitamin – carrots, dark leafy green vegetables, bananas, etc

5. Minerals – beans and pulses, almonds, dates, kiwi, oranges, etc.

3. Draw the teeth of a herbivore and carnivore.

Ans:-  As H.W.

4. Write differences between these:-
1)carnivores  and scavengers.

1.Carnivores hunt and kill their prey.
1. scavengers usually consume dead organism.

2. Predators  and  prey

1.A  predator  is an animal that chases, attacks  and eats other animals
1.The animal eaten by the predators is called a prey.
2.Ex—animal A attacks and eats  animal  B.Animal A is predators.
2.Animal B is the prey.

Holiday homework EVS



Hindi notes Veer Tum badhe chalo


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

English summer homework

* Use punch papers for the given homework.
* Learn all the question answers of the chapters done in  English.
* Check worksheet booklet and complete your incomplete work(if any) from this blog.
* Write a paragragh about your summer holidays.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. While spending most of his early years at sea, Columbus began to believe that he could find a shortcut to the Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, the King of Portugal refused to finance such a trip, and Columbus was forced to present his idea to the King and Queen of Spain. In 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to pay for his trip. They gave him a crew and three ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Columbus sailed aboard the Santa Maria.

The trip was long and hard. Many sailors grew restless and wanted to turn around. After two months at sea, land was finally sighted. The ships docked on the island of Hispaniola. Columbus named the native people he saw "Indians", because he believed he had found the shortcut he was looking for. In actuality, Columbus found North America, a brand new continent at that time. Columbus, however, couldn't be convinced. He died with the belief he had found the shortcut to the Indies. Soon, however, other explorers and nations understood the importance of his discoveries. Columbus' discoveries set the stage for the Age of Exploration, one of the most fascinating and exciting times in world history.
  1. Where was Christopher Columbus born?
    1.   The New World
    2.   Portugal
    3.   Spain
    4.   Italy

  2. Columbus believed he could find a shortcut to the _________________.
  1. The King of ______________ refused to finance his trip.
  1. In the year ______________, Columbus set sail.
  1. Which is NOT true?
    1.   Columbus was born in Italy.
    2.   Columbus received three ships and a crew from the King and Queen of Spain.
    3.   Columbus found a shortcut to the Indies.
    4.   The journey across the Atlantic took two months.
  2. What did Columbus name the native people he saw?
  1. Which of the following was NOT one of his ships?
    1.   Nina
    2.   Isabella
    3.   Pinta
    4.   Santa Maria
Ans: 1. Italy   2. Indies 3. Portugal 4. 1492 5. (1, 2, 4) true and (3) false 6. Indians 7. Isabella

Butterflies are some of the most interesting insects on the planet Earth. There are more than seventeen thousand different kinds of butterflies! Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes.

Butterflies go through four main stages of life. The first stage is the egg stage followed by the larva stage. As a larva, or caterpillar, the future butterfly eats as much as possible. As it grows, it sheds it outer skin, or exoskeleton. This may happen four or five times. After a few weeks, the caterpillar enters the next stage of its life, the chrysalis stage. In the chrysalis, the caterpillar will liquefy into a soup of living cells. Then, it will reorganize into a butterfly and the metamorphosis is complete. In later parts of the chrysalis stage, you can see the forming butterfly through the chrysalis.

When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it pumps its wings to send blood through them so that it can fly. Most butterflies only live a couple of weeks, just enough time to drink flower nectar and to mate. Some, like the Monarch Butterfly, however, may live many months.
  1. In what stage does the metamorphosis happen?
    1.   caterpillar
    2.   butterfly
    3.   egg
    4.   chrysalis
  2. How many stages of life does a butterfly go through?
  1. What is the second stage of life for a butterfly?
    1.   butterfly
    2.   larva
    3.   egg
    4.   chrysalis
  2. Which of the following is NOT true?
    1.   Caterpillars turn into a liquid in the chrysalis
    2.   Butterflies must wait until blood drains into their wings before flying.
    3.   Most butterflies live a short time
    4.   The butterfly may shed its skin 8 or 9 times
  3. Select ALL of the things that a butterfly does.
goes through metamorphosis
drinks nectar from flowers
sheds its skin
  1. Which is true?
    1.   There are more than a thousand different kinds of butterflies in the world.
    2.   There are about a thousand different kinds of butterflies in the world.
    3.   There are less than a thousand different kinds of butterflies in the world.
    4.   There is only one kind of butterfly in the world.
  2. What is the third stage of life for a butterfly?
    1.   chrysalis
    2.   larva
    3.   egg
    4.   butterfly
  3. Why does the caterpillar shed its skin?
    1.   To defend itself against predators
    2.   It is hungry
    3.   The butterfly is coming.
    4.   It is growing
Ans:  1. Chrysalis   2. Four   3. Larva   4. (1, 2, 3) true and (4) false    5. All    6. (1)    7. Chrysalis    8. It s growing


·        Mark the key idea sentence in red.

The Flightless Bird 

                   Penguins are strange birds. They are found in the very cold areas of the world, especially the Antarctica. They cannot fly like other birds. They can easily live in water and on land. They have two feet. When they sit on their feet they’ve to be erect. They are black and white in colour. They look like gentleman wearing black and white suit ready for meeting. They use their wings for walking on land and use their fins for swimming in water. Penguins are really very different as compare to other birds.

Summer vacation is fun time for the family

                Summer vacation is a time of enjoyment for everybody. There is no hurry to go to school. No home works are there. We visit our friends and relatives. Sometimes we go for a trip. We play for long time. We also learn some activities like chess, music, dance, art and craft etc. Even our parents feel relaxed and they do enjoy with us. So summer vacation is a real fun time.

Healthy eating for a healthy living 

                   Healthy eating builds a healthy body. Healthy eating means having nutritious food and adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods. Milk and dairy products are important source of calcium that helps develop strong teeth and bones. Whereas, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc provides us with vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins etc. These all together help us to stay fit as well as away from illness. So, eat healthy food and live healthy life.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

worksheet living non living

Date: _________________ Living and Non-Living

Q.1 Choose the appropriate words from the word bank given below and fill
in the blanks:

i. All living things move. Some walk, some swim, some fly.
ii. All living things grow and get bigger.
iii. All living things can reproduce. Some lay egg, some have babies, some
produce seeds.
iv. All living things have a life span. Some living things live longer than
v. Living things respond to changes in the environment.

Q.2 Identify the human systems on the basis of the given clues:
i. Helps us to breathe – respiratory system
ii. Allows information to flow in the human body-nervous system
iii. Helps remove waste from the human body- excretory system
iv. Allows us to move-muscular system

Q.3 List two similarities and two differences between living and non living things.

Living things Non living things
1. Made up of matter Made up of matter
2. Occupy space and have weight Occupy space and have weight

Living things Non living things
1. Breathe Do not breathe
2. Grow Do not grow

Word Bank
respond, grow , reproduce , move , lifespan

Q.4 Choose words from the cloud and write them in the correct columns.
Natural things           Man made things

Elephant                     cup
sun                              pencil
river                            rocket

Q.5 Answer the following questions:
i. A new born baby has around 300 bones in the body but an adult has
only 206 bones. Why?
This happens because many of them join together to make a single

ii. Clouds move from one place to another. Are they living things? Give
reason for your answer.
No, because clouds do not have any other characteristics of living
things. e.g. clouds do not grow, do not breathe, do not feel, do not eat
and do not reproduce.

Q.6 More to enjoy:

I am a non-living thing. Yet one of my parts has the same name as the
body part of a living thing. Choose from the cloud and write the name
of the correct part.

.7 Activity time!

Place a plant in a box with a small opening and put it outside under
the sun as shown.
Observe the plant after a few days. Why do you think that the plant
has turned towards the opening in the box?

We know that green plants make their food by the process of
photosynthesis. But this entire process of making food can only be
done in the presence of sunlight. The leaves, therefore, lean towards
the opening in the box to capture sunlight for photosynthesis. Without
sunlight green plants cannot survive.

Q.8 Use checkmarks to fill in the chart to see if these things are living.
Can it grow? ü ü x ü
Will it be able toreproduce? ü ü x ü
Can it move? ü ü x ü
Can it breathe? ü ü x ü
Can it react to changes in the environment? ü ü x ü