Wednesday, August 20, 2014


      The undaunted hero from Azamgarh

1) Fill  in  the  blanks:-

1.The fire started due to a short circuit in the gas kit.
2.I have got the opportunity to go to Delhi.
3. Om Prakash’s father is overjoyed because his son got the bravery award.
4. When the van caught fire it resounded with frightful screams of little children.
5. Om Prakash is the undaunted hero of Azamgarh.
6. Everyone is welcome despite age or location.

2)Question Ans:-

1. Who is the hero of Azamgarh?
Ans. Om Prakash Yadav is the hero of Azamgarh.

2.Why do you think the driver of the van fled from the spot?
Ans. The driver fled from the spot to save his life.

3.How was Om Prakash rewarded for his act of bravery?
Ans. Om Prakash received the Sanjay Chopra bravery award from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on January 26, 2012 in Delhi.

4.How has Om Prakash became a role model for his friends and other villagers?
Ans. Om Prakash became a role model for his friends and other villagers  by saving eight lives and inspiring others by his heroic  act.

5Why was Om Prakash’s father proud of him?
Ans. Om Prakash’s father was proud because his son received award for his selfless act and bravery.

6. Why did Om Prakash save other children?
Ans. Om Prakash has a self-sacrificing  nature, he is capable to place his  own life at risk to save others.