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EVS-living and Non-living

                            Living and Non-living
Word galaxy
Ø      Living                                                     
Ø      Non-Living
Ø      Germs
Ø      Alive
Ø      Occurs
Ø      Reproduction
Ø      Characteristic
Ø      Skeletal
Ø      Breathe
Ø      Respond
Ø      System
1 . Answer the following:-
Q1. What are living things? Give example.
Ans: Living things are things that are alive .For eg.animals,plants,germs,insects,birds, etc.
2. What are non-living things?
Ans: Non-living things are those things that are not alive or made from things that were once alive.
Q3. Write the similarities between living and non-living things.
Ans: Similarities are:  
a)  Both are made up of matter.
b) They occupy space and have weight.

 Q4. Difference between living and Non-Living.
1)They grow up to a certain age.
Eg: A seed grow to a plant and then becomes a tree.
1)They do not grow.
2)They reproduce.
2) they do not reproduce.
3)Need food and water.
3) Do not need food and water.
4)They respond to physical changes in their environment.
4) They do not respond.
5)They move.
5) Do not move on its own.
6) Need air  to breathe
6)They do not breathe.

Q.2. Fill in the Blanks:-
1) Living and non-living things occupy space and have weight.
2) The human body works as a system that works together.
3) Ears and nose grow continuously throughout the life.
4) Adult body has 206 bones while a baby has 300 bones .
5) Leaves of plants breathe through pores and fish through their gills.

Q3. Write the name of different systems and their functions.
a)                Respiratory system: Helps us to breathe and gives us energy.
b)                Circulatory system: Circulate blood in the body.
c)                 Nervous system: Allows information to flow in the human body.
d)                Muscular system: helps us to move.
e) Skeletal system: It provides strength and  stability to our body. 
f)Digestive system:- Breaks food into smaller parts and releases energy from it.
g)Excretory system: Helps to remove solid waste and urine from the
Q.4 State true or false:
     1)        Living things need food and water but no air to live. false
  2)        Non-Living things can respond naturally to changes in the environment. false
         3)        Human body works like a big system. true
        4)         There are five sense organs in the human body. true
5)         Non-living things can grow on their own. False

Q5. Give Reasons:

1.  Plants do not move from one place to another, still they are called as living things.
Ans: Plants do not move from one place to another which is an exception. But they posses all the other characteristics of living thing.

2.  Mountain grows in size, yet they are considered as non-living things.
Ans: Mountains grow in size because of decomposition of dust particles, earthquakes and other natural calamities.







English Notes-The mice that ate iron


·    Word galaxy:
Copy word galaxy from text

Q.1.:  With whom did Naduk leave his iron chest  ?
Ans:- Naduk left his iron chest with his friend Laxman.
Q.2.: What lie has Laxman told his friend?
Ans:-Laxman told his friend that his chest has been eaten by the mice.
Q.3.:According to you  why has Naduk locked  up Laxman’s son?
Ans:- Naduk locked up Laxman’s son because he wanted to teach a lesson to Laxman.
Q.4.: Had Naduk really brought a present for his friend Laxman?
ANS:- No, Naduk had not brought any present for his friend Laxman.
Q 5.: What did Naduk do with Laxman’s son?
ANS:- Naduk  locked  up  Laxman’s  son  inside  his  house.
Q6.: Why did Laxman  cheat Naduk?
Ans:-  Laxman got greedy for money .He planned to sell off the iron chest and make money from it .That’s why he cheated Naduk.
Q-7 Do you think Naduk did the right thing by locking up  Laxman’s  son  in  the  room?
 Ans: Naduk’s decision of locking up Laxman’s son in order to teach Laxman a lesson was not right. The son  must  have  been  scared.  Naduk’s  focus was Laxman but he made the son pay for the father’s fault.
·      True or False?
1.Laxman  left  his  iron  chest  with  Naduk  before leaving the town. False
2.Laxman was a very honest person. False
3. Naduk became a very rich businessman. True
4. According  to Laxman, the  mice  ate  the    iron chest. True
5. Laxman  sent  his  son  Ramu  to  collect  the gift from Naduk. True
6. The judge was angry with Naduk. True

7. The judge ordered both the friends not to return what they had taken from each other. False