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Computer - (ITKT) - Cycle Test 3

Chapter – 5 - Word Processing with OpenOffice 4 Writer – I
Q - 1 - What is word processor?
Ans – A word processor is a program which processes words. We can type, edit, format, save and print words .
– A word processor is used to create text documents with different styles and colours of the text.
Q  - 2 - Where we use OpenOffice Writer ?
Ans – OpenOffice Writer is used in the office, home and school in a variety of ways.
Q  - 3 - How you use OpenOffice Writer in office ?
Ans –At  office, OpenOffice Writer is widely used for typing letters, mails and preparing reports.
Q  - 4 - How you use OpenOffice Writer in office home ?
Ans –At  home, OpenOffice Writer can be used for typing stories, poems and greeting cards.
Q  - 5 - How you use OpenOffice Writer in school ?
Ans – In  schools, students can use  OpenOffice Writer  to make projects and posters.
Q - 6 - How to start OpenOffice Writer ?
Ans – Steps to open the OpenOffice Writer :
           Step 1 :- Click on start button.
           Step 2 :- Click All Programs.
           Step 3 :- Click OpenOffice 4.1.1.
           Step 4 :- Click on OpenOffice Writer.
Q - 7 - How to create a New Document ?
Ans – To create a New Document
             Step 1 :- Click on File Menu .
           Step 2 :- Click on New option.
           Step 3 :- Click on Select Text Document.
Q - 8 – What is selecting text ?
Ans – Selecting a text means highlighting the text which has to be edited.
Q - 9 - How to Select a text ?
Ans – To Select  text
Step 1 :- place your mouse pointer where the text starts from .
           Step 2 :- Drag the mouse pointer over the text upto the text you want to select.
To Select a text using the keyboard, you can use Shift key along with the Arrow keys.
Q - 10 - How to use cut, copy and paste options in OpenOffice Writer ?
Ans – Cut command removes the selected portion of the text.
Copy command makes a copy of the selected text. Paste command is used to insert the cut or copied text anywhere in the document area.

Q - 11 - Write the steps of cut, copy and paste command.
Ans – To perform cut, copy and paste operation on the selected text
 Step 1 :- Select the text you want to Cut / Copy
 Step 2 :- Click on Edit Menu and select Cut / Copy option.
 Step 3 :- Place your cursor where you want the text in the document and select paste option from the Edit Menu.
The Cut / Copy text, it goes to the clipboard in the computer’s memory.
Q - 12 - Short keys –
Cut – Ctrl +  x                                   Copy - Ctrl + c
Paste - Ctrl  +  v                              Bold - Ctrl + b
Italic -  Ctrl  + I                                Underline -  Ctrl + u
Redo - Ctrl + y                                 Undo – Ctrl + z
Save - Ctrl  + s
Q - 13 - How to make text bold ?
Ans –  Bold option B makes the text darker / thicker then the normal text.
Q - 14 - How to make text Italic?
Ans –  Italic option I tilts the text towards right.
Q - 15 - How to underline a word or sentence ?
Ans –  Underline option U  underlines the selected text.
Q - 16 - Write the steps of bold /Italic /underline options.
Ans – To make the selected text bold /Italic /underlined
Step 1 :- Select the text
Step 2 :- Click on B / I / U as per your choice.
Q - 17 - How to use formatting tools ?
Ans – Formatting text means changing the appearance of the text. You can format the text using different formatting tools.
Q - 18 – Write the steps of  formatting tools.
Ans – To change the font type
Step 1 :- Select the text
Step 2 :- Click on Home tab .
Step 3 :- Click the arrow next to the font name and choose a font.
Q - 19 - How to change font size ?
Ans – To increase or decrease the size of your text.
Q - 20 – Write the steps of  changing the font size.
Ans – To increase or decrease the size of your text.
Step 1 :- Select the text
Step 2 :- Click on Font size option and choose the required font size.
Q - 21 – Write the steps of changing the font colour.
Ans – The Font colour makes your text colourful . To change the text colour.
Step 1 :- Select the text
Step 2 :- Click on down  arrow of Font colour button.
Step 3 :- Select any colour by clicking it.
As you click of the selected text will  change.
Q - 22 – How we use redo and undo button?
Ans – you can use the undo option to reverse the last action performed.
Click undo  button once to undo the last action.
Redo command reverses the action of the undo command. To repeat the last action performed, click Redo  button.
Q - 23 – How to save your work in a file ?
Ans – saving a file means saving the current file and storing it in a disk for further use. Thus, you can read and change that file later on.
Q - 24 – Write the steps of saving a File.
Ans – To save the file.
Step 1 :- Click on File menu.
Step 2 :- Click on save option.
A dialog box appears, type the name of the file.
Step 3 :- Click on save button .
You can also save the document by clicking on the save option from toolbar menu.
Q - 25 – How to open a saved file ?
Ans – A saved file can be opened again. To open a file which you have already saved.
Q - 26 – Write the steps of open a saved File.
Ans – A saved file can be opened again. To open a file which you have already saved.
Step 1 :- Click on File menu.
Step 2 :- Click on open option .A dialog box appears, select the drive and folder where you had saved the file.
Step 3 :- Click on open button .

(Note: The chapter explanation is still going on . On the request of parents we are uploading the notes of the same much earlier than the schedule. Please refer to the textbook also.)

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A Trip to the Moon -Notes (English)

Trip to the Moon
·    Word Galaxy:
Textual Word Galaxy copy from the Text Book.

Extra word galaxy:
1.                      excited: very enthusiastic and eager
2.                      wonderful – extremely good
3.                      relatives – members of a family
4.                      strange: unusual or surprising
5.                      creatures: animals,  as  different  from  human
6.                      valley: a  low  area  of  land  between  hills  or mountains
7.                      flew off – took to flight quickly
8.                      sphere – ball, globe
9.                      recognize – identify someone or something from having encountered them before
10.             enquire - ask for information from someone or something
11.             pleased - happy, glad
12.             preserve – protect, conserve

Answer the following questions.
a)How did the Earth appear from the moon? What was the reason for this?
Ans: The Earth looked like a beautiful blue sphere shining in the sky. There were green and brown  areas,  these  were  the  forests  and  the  mountains.  The  Earth  appeared  blue because a large portion of the Earth (three-fourth) was covered with water.
b)What do you think was the most important thing that Tom found on his trip to the Moon?
Ans:  The most important thing that Tom learnt on his trip to the Moon was the importance of preserving  and  protecting  Mother  Earth. In  order  to  preserve  the  beauty  of  the  Earth,
one has to protect the Earth from pollution. It is also important to stop cutting trees.
C) Which gift appealed to Tom the most?
Ans: A toy train gifted by Tom’s grandfather on his birthday appealed to Tom the most.
D) Why did the Moonbies take Tom for a trip to the Moon?
Ans: Tom had always wanted to see the Moon. Since it was his birthday the Moonbies had come to fulfill his birthday wish.
E) Why is the Earth losing its colour?
Ans:  The Earth is  losing its colour because of pollution and the cutting down of trees.
F) What did Tom see on the Moon?
Ans; Tom saw the mountains,  the  valleys  and  the  craters  on the Moon.

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Practice Sheet of Prepositions

कहानी- कारण जानो

कहानी- कारण जानो

सही पर्याय चुनकर रिक्त स्थानों की पुर्ति कीजिए।

  १)          एक चोर को  भेड़िए ने मारकर खा लिया। (भेड़िए,बंदरों)

  २)       बुद्धिमान स्त्री का नाम श्रद्धा  था। ( सीमा,श्रद्धा)

३)      घंटे का स्वर अब पूरी तरह से  बंद हो चुका था। (बंद,शुरू)

 ४)        दूसरों की कही-सुनी बातों पर आँख बंद करके विश्वास नहीं करना चाहिए। ( दूसरों, अपनों)


१)                        धामपुर नाम का एक नगर कहाँ था ?
उत्तर-धामपुर नाम का नगर नीलगिरि पर्वत के पास था।

२)                       नगरवासियों को क्या लगता ?
उत्तर- नगरवासियों को लगता कि अवश्य कोई राक्षस पर्वत की चोटी पर रहता है

३)           श्रद्धा ने राजा से क्या व्यय करने के लिए कहा ?
उत्तर-श्रद्धा ने राजा से कुछ धन व्यय करने के लिए कहा।

४)             पर्वत पर श्रद्धा को कितने बंदर दिखे ?
उत्तर- पर्वत पर श्रद्धा को तीन बंदर दिखे।

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EVS-Plant World

1. Forest                                      
2. Mountain
3. Valley
4. Region
5. Mosses
6. Wild Jack
7. Bishop
8. Hydrilla
9. Herbarium
10.                  Pigments
11.                  Chlorophyll
12.                  Immersed
13.                  Keekar
14.             Desert

QI.Name the following:
                  Name of the region
Wild jack ,bishop wood, teak wood, poon, chatri.
2.Warm region
Mango tree, neem tree
Cactus ,keekar, date palm
4.Mountainous region
Pine, deodars, fir,ferns, mosses

QII.Fill in the blanks:-
1.A green colored pigment called chlorophyll help leaves to prepare food.
2. The chlorophyll traps the sunlight which gives energy to the plants.
3.It uses sunlight for making food from carbon dioxide and water.
4.This process of making food using sunlight is called photosynthesis.
5.Herbarium is a collection of dried plant mounted, labelled, and systematically arranged for use in scientific study.
6.Duckweed and water hyacinth float on water.
7.Water hydrilla are plants found below water.
8. Mosses are flowerless plant.
9. Trees grown in warm region have spread branches and many leaves.
*Answer the following:-
Q1. Why all type of plants are not found in all region?
Ans:-All types of trees are not found in all region because of the following reason:
a)Variation of climatic condition
b) Soil type
Q2.In which direction are the leaves of cold region plant pointing and why?
Ans- The leaves are sloping downward for the snow to slide easily.
Q3. Where do the ferns and mosses grow?
Ans: On mountains and cold region.
Q4.What is Chatri?
Ans: A shrub growing in the rain forest.
Q5.Which crop is growing in the areas of heavy rainfall?
Ans: Rice
Q6.Why does the lotus remain fixed in the water?
Ans: As  it has its roots planted in the soil under water.
Q7. What do you mean by herbarium?
Ans: A collection of dried plants mounted, labeled and systematically      arranged for use in scientific study.
Q8. Name the pigment that traps the sunlight?
Q9.Which plant are used to make medicine?
Ans: Neem, Tulsi.
Q10..What is Photosynthesis?
Ans: The process of making food using sunlight,carbondioxide and water is called photosynthesis.
Q11. Name any three leaves of plants having special fragrance.
Ans: Tea, tulsi and lemon.
Q12. List any uses of leaves.

Name of the leaf
Used as food
Coconut palm and date palm
Roof of the huts
Neem  and Tulsi
Banana leaf
Serving food
Mango Leaves
Considered auspicious
Betel leaves
Making paan

QIII. Give reasons:-
Q. A. When a leaf falls from a tree or a plant,it loses its colour in a few days. Find out why does the leaf lose the colour?
Ans:A leaf that has fallen of a tree cannot manufacture food , it loses its chlorophyll and hence it loses its color in a few days.
Q.B. Explain why plant such as cactus (which grows in deserts)show no leaves or very less number of leaves.
Ans: Cactus have no leaves because the leaves are modified into spines (thorns) which prevent the loss of water from its surface.